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In the bustling borough of Queens, pet sea burials offer a heartfelt farewell to our cherished animal companions. Amidst the urban landscape, families find solace in the serene waters as they bid adieu to their beloved pets. Pet Sea Burials Queens With each ripple of the tide, memories of playful moments and unwavering companionship are carried into eternity, ensuring our furry friends find peace in the embrace of the vast ocean they once explored. For instance, we will be working with local artisans (both digital and analog) in learning how to make glass, neon, textiles, clothing and metallic art;  shooting, editing and visual FX for short films; as well as going hands on with the latest features of the newest software. We also seek to address the educational opportunities, financial concerns and career issues facing our members in a way that relates to their creative genre.
Many visual producers have expressed that they live a solitary profession. However, we firmly believe that art is a collaborative process. It’s pretty important to be part of some type of group that offers resources and encouragement to pursue higher levels of accomplishment. We would love for you to join any of our artistic and social meetup groups below as we build our organization into a visual creative powerhouse.

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  • NYC Photoshop Group
  • Brooklyn Creative Freelance
  • NYC Photo Shoot Off
  • Textile Arts Meetup
  • International New Media