TechStyle NYC Fashion Week 2015

Do you blog, vlog, tweet, ig or fb about tech and style!? If so, we would like to extend an invitation to you for TechStyle NYC! We know you are an influencer and your opinions matter to your audience. That is why we would like to offer you exclusive access to some of the newest, edgy and progressive companies and services making their presence known in the world of tech, style, fashion and beauty.

Event Details:
TechStyle NYC is the ultimate retreat for perfectly primped, shamelessly chic fashionistas during each New York Fashion Week in 2015.The TechStyle NYC lounge event invites the fashion industry elite to the House of Bumble and offers all the accouterments for refreshing, regrouping and reinvigorating during the most exciting (and exhausting) week in fashion.

The energy of TechStyle comes from the compelling brands that take advantage of the platform and events to share their triumphs with the world.


If you like hashtags, RT’s, mentions and selfies/usies we would love for you to join us *Monday Feb 16th – 6PM*. Join our Meetup group to RSVP and get event details.

We will be networking, brand building and picture taking with other members if the digital fashion community on all things tech and style.

Be sure to use the hashtag #TechStyleNYC to find us online!

Fashion & Tech Combine at TechStyle NYC Fashion Week Event

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