Night Terrors Plus Height Terrors:

I am a huge lover of horror movies and the zombie genre is at the top of my list. So this short film is what modern day amateur filmmaking such a big deal to me. The concept is simple (as you would expect a zombie movie to be), but it has a twist. As you know (if you are a zombie fan) there are two main types of walking dead. Shamblers like those found in the Romero style movies and runners like those of the 28 Days Later variety. This screamer has the latter. The twist comes with the fact that they are not just runners, but are ravenous, dexterous and pretty damn spunky climbers, capable of scaling ladders and jumping from roof to roof in pursuit of the juicy flesh they thrive on!
Shot from a first person shooters perspective, we are placed front and center in an exhaustive exhilarating sprint for ones life across the tops of Cambridge, U.K. Dying Light Parkour POV by Ampisound Production should have you soiling your knickers in the first minute! Make sure you watch it full screen and high definition!


Zombie Parkour is a Real Life Version of My Nightmares!

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