Hottest Vine Video Thus Far:

Bite size video from the likes of Vine, Instagram and soon MixBit are positioned to become a norm in the tool box of most digital citizens. And now that advertisers and brands see the trend as integral to pushing their message, increased market penetration is virtually unavoidable. As to be expected, the quality of entertaining user generated content has been pretty low for the most part. With twerk and smack compilations leading as the most successful series to go viral, it shows that the masses have yet to level up their short form story telling skills. But there is still hope.

Case in point; this awesome, low budget, visual effects clip from @_JehReh_ as an entry into the #MirrorLandContest. The contest is sponsored by Seenive, an unofficial Vine aggregate/web viewer. More entries can be seen on the Seenive site.

There has been a lot of chatter on the twitters about this clip, praising it for it’s creativity and execution so if it hasn’t yet, it may soon qualify as a viral hit. There was even this cool tweet request from the BBC:

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New Vine Video Uses Special Effect Magic for #MirrorLandContest [Video]

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  • Juan Thow

    JehReh destroyed this trick. And ps. Seenive didn’t sponsor the contest. It’s something @OneThousandOut created.

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