Dedication in this Animation:

When I first saw this awesome display of animation I was sure it had to be made in a digital editing and compositing program such as Adobe After Effects, Apple Motion or Autodesk Flame. Or maybe even designed with 3D software like Autodesk Maya or Maxon Cinema 4D. I mean, who would ever be insane enough to attempt this using conventional tools and a traditional stop motion technique. It would take a small, dedicated team days to nail it and even then the work would be tedious and quite monotonous. Alas, sometimes, that excruciatingly mind numbing attention to detail is exactly what it takes to realize the creative vision one has in mind. Upon further discovery, I found that it wasn’t a small team. And it wasn’t done in days. It was one person working over the course of nearly a year!

Michael Birken did some personal overtime on weekends and holidays to create his outrageous film, made from post-it notes and stop-motion technique, as a dedication to Ms. Pac-Man and Donkey Kong. The entire project took 96 days spread over the course of 11 months, using 4,800 Post-Its to generate 5,722 individual still images in the process.There was a little post processing done to clean up the background scenes but the majority of the project was done by hand. A remarkable feat. Check out Michael Birken’s YouTube Channel and his site¬†for more great videos.


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Stop-Motion, Post-It Note Ms. Pac-Man & Donkey Kong [Video Animation]

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