Funny Turns Ominous in Student Made Short Film Remake:

Earlier this week Al Thompson of the web series Lenox Ave. introduced me to a pretty cool dude and said we need to kick it about video and what not. The guy, whose name I don’t recall was involved in doing his own web series and wanted to run a few questions by me regarding editing. He asked the basics about me to get a range on what I might be able to help him with. Do I know how, how long, which programs, etc. One of the more interesting questions he asked was “how long does it take someone to learn how to edit”. My answer (the short version) was that it all depends. Most people can learn how to cut clips together. Some are good at picking up computer programs. But it’s difficult to put a time frame on how long it takes a person to become proficient at storytelling in a cinematic fashion. There is the editing system, the footage, the directors vision, the effects packages, the deadline, the budget and on and on… and on. We never finished our conversation because we both went on to network with others at the event. But the question remained in the back of my mind.

Then today I came across this video below. This, to me is a great example of how to edit. We all are familiar with The Hangover series. In a word, hilarious! But it is also a pretty well shot and edited film. To do comedy takes timing and The Hangover handles that aspect convincingly. To make changes to it would seem almost sacrilegious but university student and YouTube veteran Richard W. Scott does a pretty awesome job in changing the cadence to a suspenseful diabolical flow.

After seeing his thriller trailer remix, I, being a fan of dark comedies and scary movies, would love to see a feature length version of The Hangover done with such chilling overtones. Scott’s use of music, pacing and voice over really makes it pop.

[box_light]This was created as part of an experimental investigation into the power of post-production techniques on a movie’s genre (university undergraduate dissertation).[/box_light]

The a Horror - YouTube 01 GraphicDesignNYC

The a Horror - YouTube 02 GraphicDesignNYC

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The Hangover Gets a Horror Movie Makeover In this Trailer Remix (Video)

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