Independently Produced Animation Lives: Perihelion


Perihelion is a sort of animated tone poem- there’s no real story here – more of an impression of a story. I’ve had the idea of doing a film without a beginning, middle or end for quite a while and so I decided to use this opportunity to try out the concept. The idea being that you could start watching it at any point and it would (hopefully) have the same impact.

Visually, I was heavily inspired by the work of a number of German painters from the early 20th century. Notably: Otto Dix, Richard Oelze, Ingrid Griebel-Zietlow, Rudolf Schlichter and Max Ernst, as well as Francisco Goya. This is sort of a tribute to the work of these artists living in a time of Fascism and impending war, which really informed their work in a distinctive way.

For those of you that are interested in this sort of thing, Perihelion was the first film I’ve made exclusively using Toonboom Animate for the animation. As I’ve stated before, it is a great program and despite having a few flaws, it is greatly superior to Flash-especially when it comes to the drawing tools. I tried out TV Paint after getting many suggestions in the comments, but I found I didn’t like it as much-just personal preference I guess. I’ve been using Flash for so long and Toonboom makes a bit of an effort to be close enough to that program to make the transition fairly painless.


Here are a few stills from this wildly imaginative animation. For more, check out the artists site, Nick Cross Animation

Perihelion 02 Nick Cross - Perihelion 04 Nick Cross -

Perihelion 03 Nick Cross - Perihelion 01 Nick Cross -

Nick Cross’ 2D Animation Perihelion Exemplifies the Term “Active Imagination” (Video)

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