Harlem Art Gallery, Art in FLUX Harlem & Souleo presents
“Look Like a Collector, Drink Like a Connoisseur” :

[box_light]Is Harlem a viable market for “luxury goods?” Does it take extensive experience and knowledge to label oneself an art collector or wine connoisseur or simply a strong intuitive sense and a comfort zone to enjoy both wine and art? Can’t anyone become a connoisseur? A panel of art and wine experts exams these two industries in relation to the Harlem market. The event will also includewine tasting courtesy of Simone International/ Papi and Mouton Noir Wines and an artist meet-and-greet.[/box_light]

We’ve covered other events from this very cool open art gallery. It’s always welcome to see great creative people share their work with an audience that appreciates fine arts and craftsmanship. Harlem has always been known for it’s creative elements and uptown galleries such as this do a good job in keeping that spark alive. For more information check out Art Flux In Harlem

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Art Flux In Harlem Mixes Wine and Art Appreciation

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