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I bounce a lot of data around on the systems I use. A whole lot! Documents, programs, movies, Chrome tabs (right now I have 50 open!) downloads, editing video and processing still images. For years I have enjoyed Windows native Explorer program to make do with navigating around my storage (anywhere from 4 to 6TB depending on the machine I’m using). I know there are very powerful alternatives available but Explorer generally does most of what I need. However, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to have a more comprehensive tool in the box.

Today I lucked up. At Giveaway of the Day they are offering a free version of XYplorer. Consider it a cranked up version of the native Windows File Manager that you are probably familiar with. XYplorer has a TON of features like tabbed browsing, queued file operations and batch rename. But pay attention to how you load the free software because there are options to include some crapware that you may not need.

XYFullBlown High Powered Alternative Windows File Manager

In the future I may put together another post covering other file management tools that I find indispensable (Everything, Where Is It and Ultra File Search). But for now, I highly recommend that you jump on XYplorer since there are only a few hours left in this free giveaway.

Deal of the Day: XYplorer, a FREE Suped Up Windows File Manager

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