Tickling the Keys, A Piano’s Life and Death:

This slide show composed by filmmaker Anthony Sherin poetically depicts the life of a homeless piano left on the streets of NYC. During the course of an average day in the upper Manhattan neighborhood of Washington Heights we get to see how an instrument built to spread melodic entertainment, incites curiosity and playfulness amongst many passers-by only to inevitably end in destruction.

Solo, Piano – NYC (Op-Docs)

[box_light]Making this film was pure serendipity. After a January snowstorm in New York City, I decided to do some work on another film, in my home in Washington Heights. But as I approached my desk, I thought I heard a piano plinking. I looked out the window and saw a piano on the curb below. I was mesmerized by the pattern that emerged.[/box_light]

NYC Homeless Piano - Solo - GraphicDesignNYC.net


NYC Homeless Piano - After - GraphicDesignNYC.net


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Homeless Piano’s Final Melody [Video]

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