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The Deuce Presents: FLESHPOT ON 42ND STREET (1973) (FREE)

Thursday, November 29th @ 10:00 pm
1973 – directed by Andy Milligan
with Laura Cannon, Neil Flanagan and Harry Reems

In FLESHPOT ON 42nd STREET, director Andy Milligan turns his trademark “Swirl Camera” style lens on the fringe-dwellers of the 70s’ Times Square sex-trade. It’s a tough and strangely touching tale of two outcasts: Dusty and her new-found Drag Queen friend Cherry Lane—as they need, feed and sponge off each other in their struggle to survive amidst a world of Deuce drunks and druggies, tricks and freaks. (And a remarkably clean-cut and kinda sweet Harry Reems). FLESHPOT may be Milligan’s most personal film—it may also be his “best”. It’s definitely a surprise—even by Milligan standards—and even more by Deuce standards. His idiosyncratic take on the “sex, violence and horror” genre flick is so particular and strange—today it’s hard to imagine them playing in any theater. But, in Times Square, they did. And most exclusively at The Lyric. The Deuce ventures to The Lyric Theater—it’s history and stories—and we’re saving you a sticky seat inside.

Come early for R/C Cola cocktails & 10 cent Zagnut bars! Preceded by a flash act on the backstory of the Lyric Theater, and all the ballyhoo, bruisers, nutzoids, zingers, gewgaws and weisenheimers therein…

Courtesy of Something Weird Video

80 minutes

For more information go to: Videology Blog

The Deuce Presents: FLESHPOT ON 42nd ST. at Videology in Bk. [Free Event]

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