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Cellphone photography has come of age and it’s not going anywhere, anytime soon. Cellphones and cameras as we know them today, were first paired up back in 1997 by Philippe Kahn. The duo’s power has increased not just for how well the still images render but also in video recording and playback capabilities. What was originally an audio communications device is now practically a full on broadcast station.

But as our phone’s video and photographic quality increases it also becomes more important for us to learn best how to harness their power. Most people have been content to simply point and shoot. But with the ginormous popularity of Instagram and a slew of other filter/social sharing apps, people are no longer satisfied by a simple image.

I will be the first to say that Instagram needs to offer more. Yes, it is a pretty good sharing tool with massive scale but for a billion dollars, it needs to be somewhere in the neighborhood of Photoshop by now. Until then, I will always entertain other options. On the Android side, I have been served well by Camera ZOOM FXPicsArt and Aviary for my digital photo effects but there are several out there that you may like. A nice app to check out on the iOS is Awesomize. It has some particularly sweet features like its composition tools and 36 effects (effects aren’t going anywhere either!). Check out their video for a quick peek at what it can do and use their infographic below for tips on how to shoot better cellphone imagery.

Getting The Most From Your Cellphones Camera -  GraphicDesignNYC.net

Inforgaphic by Awesomize

Getting The Most Out Of Your Smartphone’s Camera [Infographic]

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