Clueless Photography 101 [Video] (Update)

Clueless Photography 101 [Video] (Update)


It’s common practice to take plenty of photos around the holidays, so many of us have either point and shoot or cellphone cameras at the ready. But there is often a friend or family member that has either prosumer or professional equipment also in attendance. This video highlights those that have the high-powered photo video tools but are not so great at using them in the field. There’s the techno nerd that talks you to death about what each item costs and the specs, there’s the person that will use the flash in the most intrusive manner and don’t forget the ones that are always taking pictures of themselves. All in toll, their tools are for professionals but their actions are more so like an amateur act. If I have to lump myself in the group, I would probably come closest to the one that wants my subjects to be professionally posed model in most of my shots!

If you shoot pictures a lot, chances are you are guilty of at least one of these photo faux pas, if not more, but all of them are funny!

These are the DSLR Clueless – all the gear and no idea. Remind you of someone? Share it with them. Find out more

And to add further insult to injury, this Sony commercial campaign (for Sony Australia) made to promote their NEX line of DSLR cameras pokes even more fun at these well funded shutter noobs. Let this be a warning, if you are shooting on Automatic mode you are subject to ridicule!

DSLR GEAR NO IDEA - Pose - YouTube -

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