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Small Business Can Win Big With Digital Speed

NYC challenges small businesses to compete for high-speed broadband at their location. Winners receive free fiber build-out to their business, an overall value of up to $7M for all winning businesses.

About the Challenge

Many of the businesses driving growth in the 21st century require access to reliable, high-speed broadband. Through ConnectNYC, New York City and leading Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are investing in the city’s future as a leader in connectivity and technology. Small and medium-sized commercial and industrial businesses across the five boroughs are invited to compete for free fiber wiring.

Contestants demonstrating the highest potential impact of fiber connectivity – on their own business, nearby businesses, and underserved areas – will become finalists. Finalists will have a chance to win a free build-out of fiber internet connectivity to their place of business.

To enter, all contestants must obtain a signed landlord agreement providing ISPs with access to the building if they win. If selected a winner, contestants will be required to sign a one-year service contract with a participating ISP at negotiated market rates before they are eligible to receive a free fiber build-out.


Winning contestants will receive a free fiber build-out to their location of business, identified as one of the biggest hurdles to getting businesses connected to broadband internet.The average cost of a build-out is approximately $50,000 per business and varies depending on the business’ location.

The total award funds will equal $12 Million over a two year period, with up to $7 million distributed this year. A minimum of 25% of the award funds will be granted to businesses located in Industrial Business Zones. It is anticipated that over 100 businesses will receive free fiber wiring through this year’s competition. The number of awards will be determined by the aggregate estimated cost of the highest scoring submissions up to the award amount for each category. Categories include: Cablevision Award, Cablevision IBZ Award, Time Warner Cable Business Class Award, and Time Warner Cable Business Class IBZ Award.

For more information check out the ConnectNYC Fiber Challenge site, 37 days left to submit!

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Compete for High-Speed Broadband in the NYC Fiber Challenge [Contest]

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