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Wix is a great space to work for the modern tech entrepreneur and mobile media people. They have a free space in the fashionable, centrally located Flat Iron District in Manhattan. Check them out atWixLounge.com. I have met some interesting and knowlegable connections there. They also hold very cool events pretty often.

Corel produces some of the best and easiest to learn digital creative software in the market. It was actually the first vector program I ever used way back when. They have a comprehesive line for illustration, paint, video and DVD production that is worth checking out if you are a visual design artist.CorelDraw.com

Stash Magazine is a must have in every creatives video library. I learned of them when I first got involved in editing and motion graphics and they have been an key source of inspiration and awe ever since. Stash Magazine is the online news, research and inspiration destination for everyone interested in animation, motion graphics and VFX. If spectacular, eye popping, mind boggling visual imagery is your thing, then you need to bookmark them! StashMedia.tv

FilmMakingWebinars is a great site for creatives that are seriously seeking to hone their skills in the production pocess. Virtually every week the present a new webinar with working professionals in the digital media community. I have watched several and learned from all of them and recommend them to people from beginners to expert level. FilmmakingWebinars.com

Focal Press offers a comprehensive and wide array of books, ebooks and videos for digital and visual media creatives. In business for over 70 years there titles cover, film and digital video production, photography, digital imaging, graphics, animation and new media, broadcast and media distribution technologies, music recording and production, mass communications, and theatre technology. FocalPress.com

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